Monday, 2 July 2012


18 times.
Seriously, try stabbing the wind 18 times right now as quickly as possible.
Go ahead.
I’ll wait.
See what I’m saying?
Oh, and add to that her husband getting stabbed three times by the same guy before the tragedy came to an end (with the husband being shot).
18 times.
Strictly on a human level, how long does it take for someone to react. To move. To say “stop”. To say “enough”. Strictly on a human level. No religion. No gender. Just a human being watching one human being slaughtered by another.
How long does it take?
How does that number reach 18.
For Marwa Al-Sherbini that magical number was eighteen.
But what’s the body count in Iraq today?
What about the West Bank or Gaza?
What about in Darfur?
What’s their magic number? What’s their breaking limit?
At what point do we say “enough”?
More importantly.
At what point will we mean it?

Killed for wearing a HEADSCARF..
wonder...camna la kan senjata 2 lepas masok court~~